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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thanks to iZotope

My good friends and allies at iZotope care about making great tools to make great music. To that end they keep working at improving the products they create. They also are committed to education. They educate themselves about what is important to the professional production community, they are keenly focused on understanding best practices and making sure that the tools they develop honor those. They also offer knowledge freely to their users and that's where we come in.

In the course of working for almost 30 years as a mastering engineer I have developed my own perspective on the practice and had the good fortune to be able to teach at Berklee College and and also write about it. When iZotope asked if I would help them refine some of the online resources on the topic I jumped at the chance and so, today iZotope is releaseing the new improved mastering guide. It's a free document that gives some tips on using their tools but more to the point, some good starting point information about how to think about using the tools to accomplish the task of mastering. These perspectives are generally applicable, not applying only to iZotope's Ozone.

I gratefully acknowledge a few of my mastering brethren who were gracious enough to offer some bits of wisdom that are included in the document: Scott Hull, Greg Calbi, Adam Ayan, Bob Ohlsson, Marc Dieter-Einstmann and Michael Romanowski.

You can find the guide and the announcement by following this link:

I hope you enjoy....and stay tuned for my book on mastering coming in May via Berklee Press/Hal Leonard.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No news for so long

Well it has been busy beyond belief. I'm not usually one for hyperbole but in this case I really mean it. Fortunately all this business is starting to bear some fruit. Two upcoming items: I shot a video for iZotope offering some tips and perspective to the DIY crowd.  I got a little help from a few of my mastering brethren namely:

Scott Hull
Adam Ayan
Bob Ohlsson and
Marc Dieter Einstmann

I also helped iZotope re-write and reorganize their online mastering guide and

 lastly but not leastly,

my book is coming out in May, published by Hal Leonard via Berkleepress. More news as each of these moments goes by. Needless to say it's pretty exciting!