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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nice things again

Getting nice feedback from artists lies somewhere between PR and the reason we do this work in the first place. Mostly it just feels good to know an artist feels their vision is well served. So another chapter in our nice comments book, this time the feedback comes in the context of working on Jody Blackwell's new record. It's been years and she's long overdue. The record is recorded and produced with Brian Charles over at Zippah Studios in Brookline, MA....and I quote drummer Steve Chaggaris:

"I had the pleasure of listening to your reference CD of Jody Blackwell's forthcoming album, and it sounds fabulous. Great job (once again) on this! That record was a labor of love - and while i enjoyed drumming on her wonderful songs, I couldn't imagine at that early stage of tracking how fantastic the final mixes and master would sound.
I listened 3 ways: in my car, at home through really nice Sennheiser headphones, and on my home system (older NAD amp through PSB towers). It sounded well-balanced, even, smooth... full of "bloom" on all 3 systems!
Jody & I both have nothing but great things to say about you & your work. "

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself, thank you Steve. And THANK YOU Jonathan! We are thrilled with how the new album sounds. Thanks for your terrific work and thoughtful support! --Jody