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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Grammy's and Mr. Stoute

In the NYTimes, long time music entrepreneur, Steve Stoute, slung some hash the way of the Grammy's and NARAS in a paid ad/letter he took out in the magazine. As I read his rant I became increasingly uncomfortable with much of what he was saying. Not because I think it was entirely without merit in some of the arguments and, yes I believe things could be made much better, BUT, in the end, it seemed he was complaining that his horse didn't win. You can read the post yourself here:

Our Dear Mr. Stoute is ignoring some essential facts:

- The awards are voted on by NARAS members, not decided in a back room with the exception of lifetime achievement awards and such. There is no conspiracy. Otherwise ow to explain Esperaza Spalding, Arcade Fire and Alison Krause/Robert Plant a few years ago?

- Secondly, the categories in the Grammy's and the Latin Grammy's have changed to reflect the changing culture. It ain't perfect but it's not so broken as he suggests.

No I don't agree with the final tally, ad if left up to me, the nominations round would come out different in many cases. But I am not a committee of one.

I would respectfully suggest that Mr Stoute wouldn't turn down an award if it were offered to someone he deemed worthy.....but he's no committee of one either.

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