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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sometimes people say the nicest things...

I think it's probably a truism that, if you do something long enough, repeatedly, over many years, you get pretty good at it and people notice. Sometimes they even say nice things about you. While it's really important to be acknowledged, and get positive reinforcement, it usually the kind of thing that most of us digest privately, quietly, in the comfort of our own studio/office/living room/whatever, unless we're in the midst of a full on PR campaign....but recently a slew of nice feedback has come our way, from all quarters of the globe.

So pardon me while I post one such notice. This one in particular because I appreciate the content, the sentiment and the metaphors. It is well crafted as a short story all its own, with some modesty, but not too much:

"The sound of my CD was greatly improved by Jonathan Wyner’s mastering
magic at M-works. Individual tracks have found their unique sonic
destinies, while sounding more related to each other as an album.
Aloof guitars achieved newfound warmth, and apprehensive drums
discovered unprecedented courage. Behind the board, Jonathan is facile
as a flying monkey—a true master of the tools of mastering technology,
and his extraordinary abilities to hear and imagine lead one to wonder
whether he is part bat."

—Jonathan Feist, Fantasy Monologue

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