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Monday, January 10, 2011

Next stop is NAMM!

As I write I am preparing to go to the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. My main activity while there will be to deliver a talk about 'audio mastering'. It's funny to say but even though it's a fairly small sub-specialty in audio production, the topic seems overly broad to me and so I will seek to put the talk into the context of what's happening now with regard to production styles, formats, distribution and other current topics. At the same time there seem to be 'truths' that never really change, they just migrate and so I'll talk about them too.

As much as anything I look forward to taking the temperature of the music making community. It seems the professional audio community, semi-pros, and the amateurs/consumers all converge on NAMM. The AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention has consolidated as the truly 'pro' studios have diminished in #, but music creation and consumption continues to grow as music production tools make there way into the hands of many in the form of laptops, small solid state memory recorders, etc.

I look forward to what I'll see, and what I'll learn. I'll keep you posted.

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