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Monday, January 17, 2011


I feel as if I should be coming away from the NAMM convention with some sort of ground breaking news, or fresh insights, but while I did have a sense of an invigorated and optimistic music making community, nothing seemed like it was a sign of a coming revolution.

The demos I did together with iZotope were great fun and I really enjoy partnering with them, They are innovative, forward thinking and committed to building quality tools for the modern music makers...

In my last post I mentioned the Roland chip, and I certainly see steps in the direction of real-time interactivity in the new music making tools being developed. It's appearing via physical interfaces and i the software and firmware embedded in the devices. There were no new 'mix-engineer-body-suits-and 3D-surround-glasses' however. Maybe next year.

I feel compelled to buy the new Dangerous 'Liaison' when it arrives. I feel compelled to since it incorporates features that I have been wanting for some time. How can you say no when someone gives you something you asked for?

I will also buy the itrumpet app for apple mobile products when it arrives in a couple of days. I really enjoyed the developer and his work.

OTherwise I bring back a renewed sense of optimism, a slight hint of a tan, and connections, some renewed, some new.....

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