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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The award time of year - Congratulations!

I have been mulling over my Grammy ballot the last couple days thinking about where I might weigh in. The various awards competitions, from large to small, are opportunities for excitement and cynicism depending on your perspective. Needless to say, winning an award is all good, even if it only serves to encourage the artist-recipient.

In this vein I was pleased to receive news yesterday that one of our projects from 2010, "Silver Screen" by Hayley Griffiths, received the 'Album of The YEar' award from a UK organization that is heavily invested in the Classical Crossover idea. Hayley is a talented writer and soprano, an accomplished dancer-soloist from the "Lord of the Dance" touring company, who teamed up with Jared Hancock of Surefire Production to create an engaging, approachable mix of pop, celtic, and classical elements. Here's to their success thus far....and congratulations with affection and encouragement:

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