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Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanks Yehudi: Role Models and Standards

Some weeks ago I had occasion to hear a premiere of a piece composed by Yehudi Wyner. I was completely floored by the piece. The form, harmonic vocabulary, humor....there were moments that dazzled, evoked giggles, and brought tears, all while engaging my mind. He is a masterful composer, a man of letters, Pulitzer Prize winner and he possesses a devilish sense of humor. He also happens to be my uncle. I blush slightly when I write this. It is humbling to be able to see such artistic richness from up close, and makes me feel somehow unworthy....and yet.

I think it is because of my close encounters that I can begin to imagine and understand what is possible, and it gives me an idea of what beautiful and rich can mean. I am not sure I can imagine these heights in the vacuum of my own mind....and for that I am grateful. Grateful to Yehudi, and to all the artists, thinkers and practitioners who have shown me what's possible.

I think it's essential we look for those role models and pay attention when we find them. These are the people who can help us find our own high standards, our own true north if you will. Without them we might not shoot so high. We need not imitate them, but rather follow the example of their obvious pursuit of some ideal.

Thank you Yehudi!

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